Interaction, Motion and 3D Design

1. Flutter-by Interactive Butterfly

Flutter-by Interactive Butterfly

Interaction and Motion Design

4. Turtle Drawing

Turtle Drawing

Programming Design

7. Mac vs. PC

Mac vs. PC

Interaction Design

10. Music is Art

Music is Art

Motion Design

2. Alternative Food Network

Alternative Food Network

Logo and Motion Design

5. Turn Signal Bike Jacket

Turn Signal Bike Jacket

E-textile Design

8. Julie and Julia

Julie and Julia

Motion Design

11. Recipe Market

Recipe Market

Interaction Design

3. 3D Retro Kitchen

3D Retro Kitchen

3D Design

6. Finger Lakes Wine Trivia

Finger Lakes Wine Trivia

Interaction Design

9. Starr Powers

Starr Powers

Interaction Design

12. The Secret Agenda

The Secret Agenda

Motion Design

Print and Systems Design

13. Against the Grain

Against the Grain

Book Design

16. Powers Digital

Powers Digital

Systems Design

19. Career and Technical Education

Career and Technical Education

Poster Design

22. Custom Accounting

Custom Accounting

Postcard Design

14. Reiki Tree

Reiki Tree

Systems Design

17. How-to Start a Business

How-to Start a Business

Brochure Series Design

20. Down-to-Earth


Label Series Design

23. The Games People Play

The Games People Play

Promotional Design

15. Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Invitation Design

Frank A. Barney

Frank A. Barney

Catalog and Postcard Design

21. Leo Kottke

Leo Kottke

Poster Design

24. Ithaca Gorges & Waterfalls

Ithaca Gorges & Waterfalls

Travel Guide Design

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