I am Lydia Powers: print, motion, brand and identity, web, interaction and instructional designer.

Design is what I do.

I was born with it, learned to use it, continue to learn new ways to apply it, and will continue to design and evolve with technology and the times. I love what I do.

Design parallels life.

My approach to design is much like my approach to life. I leave no stone unturned, thinking of all possible outcomes and parts of a project. Although I proceed cautiously with a bag full of snacks, a first-aid kit and a sharpie, I am not afraid to venture into new territory, think outside of the box and snap a few pictures along the way.

Design is communication.

A world without design would indeed be a more confusing and much less interesting place to live. The artist in me loves the creative process behind each and every project. The designer, planner and problem-solver in me appreciates the fact that we are a conduit from client to end-user. It is my duty as a designer to play the role of translator, researcher, planner, artist, information architect and producer to create responsible and effective communication.

Thanks for visiting.

because I mean business

I can offer...

Big-picture thinking that is detail oriented from
a glass-half-full of tasty coffee perspective.